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Mediation Seminars & Workshops

(“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein)


Alliance for Resolution has created an entire curriculum of Mediation Workshops and Seminars aimed at providing participants with an 'in-depth' approach to the process of 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' (ADR).

A sampling of offerings includes:

Mediating Workplace Disputes

This interactive, skills-based workshop provides 'hands-on' experience and emphasizes how to successfully resolve workplace conflicts using Mediation and Facilitation. This course will introduce and/or enhance the following mediation skills :
Understanding and addressing Conflict

How to identify and manage Workplace Disputes
How to resolve 'Inter-personal' Disputes

Advanced Mediation Workshop

This is a "practical" workshop that focuses on more sophisticated mediation techniques and skills.  All participants will receive valuable coaching from experienced trainers and peer- mediators.  Upon completion of this course, successful attendees will be able to demonstrate what they've learned by:
Returning to their workplace armed with effective new tools for conflict resolution
Increased confidence in their ability to 'manage' a variety of  disputes in the workplace

Mediation 'Practice' Workshops

This is a follow-up 'refresher' session where participants will:

Learn the newest, most up-to-date mediation skills and techniques
Attendees will 'practice' their new mediation skills via role-plays
Discussions of  issues co-participants are having with mediations in-progress
Receive constructive feedback on a variety of mediation techniques

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