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Maureen Hochler, Principal

Who We Are. . .

Maureen J. Hochler is a Mediator of Workplace Disputes and Human Resources Consultant for small and medium-sized businesses.  Ms. Hochler's professional Solutions and Resolutions are the result of many years in the Corporate / Fortune-500 world with companies like Carter-Hawley-Hale, Del Monte and Sara Lee.

Ms. Hochler's 20+ years in the field of Mediation ['ADR'} - specializing in the areas of Employment LawLabor Law and Employee Relations have earned her a well-deserved reputation as consummate professional. Maureen has resolved grievances involving such diverse issues as Sexual Harassment , various types of Discrimination claims, Wrongful Termination charges, and Management v. Employee and Employee v. Employee and Internal Workplace Disputes

Ms. Hochler has also effectively resolved Grievance procedures in both Union and Non-union environments - negotiating with such diverse unions as: the Teamsters ; Retail Clerks ; ButchersCarpenters and Electricians in reaching satisfactory and mutually-beneficial conclusions.

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