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"Alliance"- A close association for a mutual objective  

"Resolution"- The action of solving a problem or dispute

Alliance for Resolution solutions are tailored to fit your company’s unique culture, including special consideration for the needs of all company employees.

Mediating Workplace Disputes

We help you choose when and how to effectively Mediate and Resolve work-related disputes, thereby saving you costly and time-consuming legal action. The result: Improved Working Conditions and Increased Productivity.  Alliance for Resolution's professionals have been active in the 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' field for more than twenty years, and the company's principal, Maureen Hochler has been a longtime contributing member to numerous state and local 'ADR' boards and panels.  

Human Resources Consulting

Alliance for Resolution specializes in keeping small and medium-sized businesses up-to-date on critical State and Federal Labor Laws.  Ms. Hochler's strong background and experience in both the corporate and dispute-resolution worlds combine to qualify her as an exemplary presenter-facilitator of the most effective Team-Building and Management Training programs available anywhere.


Training & Seminars

Knowledge is Power!  Conflict often arises in the workplace, and if not managed early-on can quickly escalate Alliance for Resolution offers the a broad range of Seminars and Training dealing with the following issues: Identifying & Managing Conflict ; Employee Counseling Techniques ; Negotiation, in Theory & Practice ; Collaborative Communication; and Mediation Training.  Alliance for Resolution can also custom design 'just-in-time' Human Resources, Team-Building and Crisis Management curricula upon request. 

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